STA vs HEA 44th T20 Match

News and Description Of The Match:-

This is Big Bash League 2022-23. The match will be played between STA vs HEA. This is the 44th T20 Match of this tournamentThis match will be played on 16th Jan at 01:45 PM IST.

Latest News of Melbourne Stars (STA)

  1. Match Status – Played-11, Won-03, Loss-08, NR-0
  2. Adam Zampa will lead the team.
  3. Top 4 run-scorers – J Clarke (342 runs), H Cartwright (245 runs), B Webster (224 runs), T Rogers (222 runs)
  4. Top 4 wicket-takers – L Wood (17w), N Coulter-Nile (13w), L Hatcher (9w), B Webster (6w)

Latest News of Brisbane Heat (HEA)

  1. Match Status – Played-10, Won-03, Loss-06, NR-01
  2. Usman Khawaja will lead the team.
  3. Top 4 run-scorers – C Munro (278 runs), J Peirson (202 runs), J Brown (153 runs), N McSweeney (118 runs)
  4. Top 4 wicket-takers – M Kuhnemann (11w), J Bazley (11w), M Neser (11w), M Steketee (10w)

Full Squad of Melbourne Stars (STA)

Joe Clarke(w), Thomas Rogers, Hilton Cartwright, Beau Webster, Nick Larkin, James Seymour, Clint Hinchliffe, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Luke Wood, Liam Hatcher, Adam Zampa(c), Brody Couch, Tom O Connell, Campbell Kellaway, Tom ODonnell

Full Squad of Brisbane Heat (HEA)

Martin Guptill, Aaron Finch(c), Sam Harper(w), Jonathan Wells, Matthew Critchley, Mackenzie Harvey, Will Sutherland, Ruwantha Kellepotha, Tom Rogers, Kane Richardson, David Moody, Fawad Ahmed, Jake Fraser McGurk, Jack Prestwidge, Corey Rocchiccioli

The Probable Playing 11 of Melbourne Stars (STA)

Joe Clarke (wk) (RHB)

  • (Ongoing) – M-11, R-342, Ave-34, Sr-130
  • Recent Form All – (59R)+(35R)+(4R)+(12R)+(0R)

Thomas Fraser Rogers (LHB)

  • (Ongoing) – M-11, R-222, Ave-22, Sr-120
  • Recent Form All – (51R)+(2R)+(48R)+(1R)+(30R)

Hilton Cartwright (RHB/RAM)

  • (On Going) – M-11, R-245, Ave-27, Sr-112
  • Recent Form All – (16R)+(57R)+(36R)+(20R)+(11R)

Beau Webster (RHB/RAM)

  • (On Going) – M-11, R-224, Ave-22, Sr-114, Inn-8, W-6, Sr-24
  • Recent Form All – (12R+3ovr)+(1ovr)+(9R)+(8R+3ovr/1w)+(8R)

Marcus Stoinis (RHB/RAM)

  • (Ongoing) – M-7, R-146, Ave-20, Sr-156, Inn-3, W-2, Sr-27
  • Recent Form All – (52), (6), (74+0W), (10+1w), (4+1W)

Nick Larkin (RHB)

  • (Ongoing) – M-11, R-171, Ave-28, Sr-108
  • Recent Form All – (29R)+(DNB)+(20R)+(5R)+(48R)

Clint Hinchliffe (LHB/LAC)

  • (Ongoing) – M-3, R-3, Ave-3, Sr-33, Inn-3, W-3, Sr-16
  • Recent Form All – (3R+2ovr/1w)+(3ovr/1w)+(2R+3ovr/1w)+(DNP)+(DNP)

Luke Wood (LHB/LAFM)

  • (Ongoing) – M-11, R-21, Ave-3, Sr-60, Inn-11, W-17, Sr-14
  • Recent Form All – (1R+4ovr/1w)+(3.2ovr/1w)+(3.4ovr/1w)+(3.5ovr/1w)+(1R)

Nathan Coulter-Nile (RHB/RAF)

  • (Ongoing) – M-8, R-23, Ave-5, Sr-104, Inn-8, W-13, Sr-14
  • Recent Form All – (3W), (0R+2W), (1W), (0R+1W), (2R+1W)

Liam Hatcher (RHB/RAFM)

  • (Ongoing) – M-5, Inn-5, W-9, Sr-13
  • Recent Form All – (4ovr/2w)+(4ovr/2w)+(4ovr/3w)+(DNP)+(DNP)

Adam Zampa (c) (RHB/LG)

  • (Ongoing) – M-11, R-7, Ave-7, Sr-43, Inn-11, W-11, Sr-24
  • Recent Form All – (4ovr/1w)+(4ovr/2w)+(4ovr)+(4ovr)+(3R)+(2ovr/1w)

The Probable Playing 11 of Brisbane Heat (HEA)

Usman Khawaja (C)

  • (On Going) – M-2, R-30, Ave-15, Sr-111
  • Recent Form All – (2R), (28R), (195R*), (1R), (11R&2W)

Josh Brown (RHB)

  • (On Going) – M-6, R-153, Ave-25, Sr-171
  • Recent Form All – (26R)+(18R)+(34R)+(6R)+(62R)

Marnus Labuschagne

  • (On Going) – M-2, R-56, Ave-28, Sr-133, Inn-1, W-0
  • Recent Form All – (46R), (10R+0W), (79R+0W), (14R), (11R&5R*)

Matt Renshaw

  • (On Going) – M-6, R-92, Ave-15, Sr-104, Inn-2, W-0
  • Recent Form All – (25R)+(27R+1ovr)+(DNP)+(0R+1ovr)+(9R)

Sam Hain (RHB)

  • (On Going) – M-1, R-6, Ave-6, Sr-85
  • Recent Form All – (6R), (44R&9R), (10R&1R), (67R&52R*), (5R)

Jimmy Peirson (wk) (RHB)

  • (On Going) – M-10, R-202, Ave-25, Sr-121
  • Recent Form All – (8R)+(26R)+(23R)+(1R)+(19R)

James Bazley (RHB/RAM)

  • (On Going) – M-7, R-81, Ave-13, Sr-109, Inn-6, W-11, Sr-12
  • Recent Form All – (20R+4ovr/3w)+(DNP)+(DNP)+(3R)+(5R+4ovr/1w)

Michael Neser (RHB/RAMF)

  • (On Going) – M-9, R-83, Ave-13, Sr-138, Inn-8, W-11, Sr-15
  • Recent Form All – (12R+4ovr/1w)+(1R+3ovr)+(3R+3ovr)+(45R)+(4ovr/3w)

Spencer Johnson (LHB/LMF)

  • (On Going) – M-2, R-0, Ave-0, Inn-2, W-1, Sr-44
  • Recent Form All – (0R+4ovr/1w)+(3.2ovr)

Mitchell Swepson (RHB/LB)

  • (On Going) – M-9, R-1, Ave-0, Sr-33, Inn-8, W-2, Sr-87
  • Recent Form All – (1w)+(0w)+(DNB)+(0w)+(0w)

Matthew Kuhnemann (LHB/LAO)

  • (On Going) – M-10, R-2, Ave-2, Sr-33, Inn-9, W-11, Sr-15
  • Recent Form All – (1R+4ovr/2w)+(4ovr/1w)+(4ovr/1w)+(DNB)+(4ovr/2w)

Pitch Report:

  1. This match will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground, MelbourneThe pitch is expected to be neutral.

H2H Records – STA vs HEA

  • Matches played in the last three years – 05
  • Matches won by Melbourne Stars – 03
  • Matches won by Brisbane Heat – 02
  • Tie/No Results – 0

C & VC Selection – 

  1. Safe Option- Marnus Labuschagne, Usman Khawaja, Beau Webster
  2. Risky Option – Joe Clarke, James Bazley, Matt Renshaw, Thomas Rogers, Liam Hatcher

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